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Commissioning a Painting
" Creative Memories "
Patrick Henry
 Many of the artist's commissions come from corporate clients. These are   railroad companies as well as companies on the supply side of the railroad industry. Some of Robert's corporate clients include companies such as GE Transportation Systems Inc., CSX Railroad Corporation,  BNSF Railroad Corporation, Canadian National Railroad,  Canadian Pacific Railway,  Amtrak, Norfolk Southern Corporation, JMA Railroad Supply, PHW Corp, Dixie Precast Inc., Rail Sciences, Delta Air Lines, as  well as many others.   These commissions are executed according to strict and exacting technical requirements and standards.
 Private commissions are more nostalgic in scope and tend to deal more with one's favorite trains, automobiles,  memories,  events, specific locations, or a combination of the above.
 As one should expect, an original commission is one which both the artist and the collector should take very seriously.

     Please call or contact us via e- mail for price quotes on commissions.

Below are samples of a few of the artist's commissions:
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Steel Rails Gallery
Steel Rails Gallery
Steel    Rails    Gallery
Steel Rails Gallery
Steel Rails Gallery
"JMA Power"
"Operation Lifesaver"
"Lake Decatur Crossing"
" Southern Steel "
JMA Rail Products
Dixie Precast Inc.
Georgia Operation Lifesaver
John Sanner
The Sloss Family
The Warren and Evelyn Henry are two privately owned passenger cars which are depicted in this painting and commissioned by the owner.  The background location is west of Flagstaff, Arizona.
 This painting was commissioned by JMA Rail Products . The locomotive was designed by the artist utilizing components of various pre-existing locomotive manufacturers.
 Commissioned by Dixie Precast, this painting depicts the installation of one of the company's concrete castings which will support a railroad crossing protection device. It also emphasizes railway/highway safety as sanctioned by the Georgia Operation Lifesaver Program.
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 This painting is currently part of the Sloss Family Collection.  At one time the Sloss Steel Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama was the largest blast furnace south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
 This painting is one of four commissioned by the Sanner Estate.  The Wabash Railroad's "Bluebird" streamliner heads east out of Decatur, Illinois in the 1950's as it crosses over Lake Decatur. to add text.
 This painting was commissioned at the request of a retiring Delta Air Lines Supervisor for the  company, and is now part of a private collection.
" Soaring "