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About Steel Rails Gallery
 Family-owned and operated, Steel Rails Gallery is the only gallery in the world to exclusively feature the original paintings and giclees by this renown painter of trains.  Likewise, every art collector is treated like a part of the family through personal attention as relates to color, detail and technical specifications of commissioned work.    We are proud to represent this artist. Robert's personal touch and enthusiasm characterizes his style and makes him popular amongst collectors of railroad art worldwide.

Name, Title
 Robert West has been painting images of trains and North  American railroading for over 27 years. With a background in architectural and technical illustration, he is a self- taught artist who jokingly refers to himself as a "train-nut with a paintbrush". 
In 1989 GE Transportation Systems Inc. approached Robert with an offer to become it's company illustrator. Of course the artist accepted. His overall responsibility has been to paint large-format portraits of every high-tech diesel locomotive designed by the company's techical support staff and design team. He has been involved in every project beginning with Amtrak's "Genesis" project up to and including the "Evos", (environmental-friendly"), ES-44 AC's and DC's.

 This artist travels extensively all over the United States attending railroad- related events and gives lectures about the legacy which he inherited from both of his grandfathers ,who worked as Pullman Porters.

​ Combining history, art, and an ever-growing passion for learning, Robert West, " The Champion Painter of Trains" skillfully illustrates North American railroading from a technical, regional ,and historical perspective. His style and technique makes him increasingly popular amongst railroad related companies worldwide.

 Born in Great Falls, Montana, West's love affair with trains began at an early age due in part to plenty of cross-country travel with his father, an Air Force career man. He also received "on the job training" while sitting at the heels and listening to the experiences of his grandfather, Allen Parrish who was a chair car attendant and Pullman Porter for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.

 His paintings grace the walls and halls of numerous railroad corporations, manufacturers, and suppliers. The ongoing demand for his technically accurate paintings allows West the opportunity to focus all of his God-given talents towards painting trains as a full-time profession.
A Few Words about the Artist
 The artist is committed to  preserving the past, present and future of railroading through his gift of art backed by his knowledge and research. 
The artist at the throttle of the Milwaukee Road Steam Locomotive # 261! 
The artist's grandfather, Allen Parrish, receives his twenty-five year pin as a porter who worked for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.
The artist with one of his "critics" at a train event in Chicago.
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Grandfathers train,  The Champion
About the Artist
" Glamour Girls "
The artist's grandfather worked out of the massive Jacksonville, Florida Terminal 
for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The Champions were his favorite trains.
This is the legacy which Robert inherited and is part of his continuing journey.
Steel Rails Gallery
Jacksonville, Florida Union Terminal circa 1954